Jewelry Broker Services: Your Trusted Partner in Valuing and Selling Estate Jewelry

May 29, 2024

At AGS-Hidiamonds, we don’t just appraise jewelry; we breathe new life into each piece. Led by Sandra, a veteran with over forty years of experience in the jewelry industry, our brokerage service stands as a beacon for those looking to sell or rehome their cherished pieces. Sandra’s profound expertise and discerning eye for quality and unique designs have been the cornerstone of our service, allowing us to offer an exceptional collection of one-of-a-kind estate jewelry.

The Genesis of Our Brokerage Service

Years ago, we recognized a common dilemma among our clients: many were uncertain about how to proceed with selling or disposing of unwanted jewelry items. Inspired by their need, we embarked on a mission to simplify this process. Our goal was to provide a seamless service that not only ensures peace of mind but also maximizes the value of each item.

Our Expert Appraisal Process

Our approach to jewelry brokerage is meticulous and tailored to the unique characteristics of each piece:

1. Assessment of Style and Period

We evaluate the style, craftsmanship, and historical period of each jewelry piece or gemstone. Understanding these elements is crucial as it directly influences marketability.

2. Consideration of Time Constraints

The amount of time available to sell an item can significantly affect the sales outcome. We work with our clients to understand their timelines and adjust our strategies to optimize their returns, considering current market conditions.

3. Evaluation of Condition and Rarity

The condition and rarity of an item, including whether it is a piece from a renowned designer or luxury brand, play a vital role in determining its market value. Items signed by prestigious houses often fetch higher prices due to their coveted nature.

Leveraging Industry Connections

With Sandra’s extensive experience comes a vast network of contacts, including dealers and auction houses nationwide. These strong alliances are invaluable in finding the right buyers who appreciate the worth and history of high-value estate pieces.

Tailored Selling Strategies

Understanding that each client’s needs and situations are unique, we customize our selling strategies to fit individual requirements. Whether you prefer a quick sale or are looking to achieve the highest possible price over a longer period, we are here to guide you every step of the way. We aim to broker your items at competitive prices, ensuring that both the essence of the jewelry and its financial value are honored.

Why Choose AGS-Hidiamonds?

Choosing AGS-Hidiamonds means partnering with a team that respects the sentimental and monetary value of your jewelry. Sandra’s lifelong dedication to the craft and her exceptional eye for detail ensure that every piece is treated with the care and expertise it deserves.

If you have jewelry that you’re looking to sell, or if you need expert advice on how to manage your estate pieces, reach out to us. Let us help you navigate the complex market with ease and confidence, turning your treasures into profitable investments.

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