Inside AGS: Honolulu’s Premier Independent Jewelry Appraisal Service

May 15, 2024

Welcome to AGS, Honolulu’s exclusive independent jewelry appraisal service, where trust, expertise, and transparency meet to provide you with an unparalleled experience. Since our establishment in 2003 in the vibrant business district of Honolulu, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering high-quality appraisals for a wide array of clients including consumers, the jewelry trade, retail stores, insurance companies, banking institutions, law firms, and government agencies.

Tailored Service Experience

At AGS, we understand that your jewelry is not just an accessory but an investment and a cherished possession. That’s why we offer personalized appraisal services by appointment, ensuring that each client receives our full attention in a private setting. Unlike other appraisal services, we allow and encourage our clients to participate in the appraisal process. You can watch and learn as our certified appraisers perform evaluations, offering a unique educational experience that deepens your understanding of your jewelry’s value and characteristics.

What Makes AGS Stand Out?

Professional Standards

Our appraisals are meticulously prepared to meet the highest professional standards. Each piece of jewelry is thoroughly assessed while you wait, providing instant peace of mind and satisfaction. Our documents are detailed and precise, designed to serve various needs whether it be for insurance, legal, or personal purposes.

Comprehensive Appraisal Reports

Each appraisal report from AGS includes:

  • A detailed description of each jewelry item.
  • A digital photograph, ensuring that each piece is visually documented.
  • Determination of metal content.
  • Gemstone identification which includes grading, measurements, and weight estimation.
  • Verification of any existing gemological laboratory reports.
  • A fully researched valuation appropriate to the market level.
  • A complete inspection and cleaning of the item’s mounting.
  • Identification of the designer or manufacturer when possible.
  • An explanation of the value, detailing the intent and appropriate use of the appraisal.

Accessibility and Fair Pricing

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, AGS has developed a fair and equitable fee structure, starting at just $100. This ensures that our expert services are accessible to all, without compromising on the quality and thoroughness of our work.

Our Commitment to You

AGS is committed to integrity and client education, ensuring that you leave not only with a professionally appraised item but also with greater insight into what makes your jewelry special. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge so you can make informed decisions about your valuables.

Whether you’re a collector, a retailer, or a private individual, AGS provides the professional support and knowledge you need to navigate the complexities of jewelry valuation. With thousands of appraisals under our belt, we are proud to be the trusted choice in Honolulu.

Visit us in Honolulu’s business district to experience firsthand the AGS difference, or contact us to schedule your personal appointment. Let us help you uncover the true value of your jewelry in an environment that values transparency and education.

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