Discovering the Beauty of Diamonds: A Guide to Types and Cut Styles

June 12, 2024

Diamonds have long been cherished for their brilliance, beauty, and timeless elegance. Whether you’re selecting a diamond for an engagement ring, a piece of fine jewelry, or an investment, understanding the different types of diamonds and their cut styles is essential. This guide will help you navigate the sparkling world of diamonds, ensuring you choose the perfect gem for your needs.

Types of Diamonds

  1. Natural Diamonds
    • Formation: Natural diamonds are formed deep within the Earth’s mantle under extreme heat and pressure over millions of years.
    • Characteristics: These diamonds are prized for their rarity and natural beauty, displaying unique inclusions and color variations.
  2. Lab-Grown Diamonds
    • Formation: Lab-grown diamonds are created in controlled environments using advanced technological processes that replicate natural diamond formation.
    • Characteristics: They offer the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds and are often more affordable.
  3. Fancy Color Diamonds
    • Formation: Fancy color diamonds, either natural or lab-grown, get their unique hues from trace elements and distortions in their crystal lattice.
    • Characteristics: These diamonds come in various colors, including yellow, blue, pink, and green, and are valued for their rarity and vibrant appearance.
  4. Treated Diamonds
    • Formation: Treated diamonds have undergone treatments to enhance their color or clarity.
    • Characteristics: Treatments can improve the diamond’s appearance, making them a more budget-friendly option without compromising on beauty.

Diamond Cut Styles

  1. Round Brilliant Cut
    • Description: The most popular and classic diamond cut, known for its exceptional brilliance and fire. It has 58 facets that maximize light reflection.
    • Best For: Engagement rings and timeless jewelry pieces.
  2. Princess Cut
    • Description: A square or rectangular cut with pointed corners, offering a modern look and high brilliance. It has a contemporary, angular appearance.
    • Best For: Modern engagement rings and stylish jewelry.
  3. Cushion Cut
    • Description: Known for its rounded corners and larger facets, the cushion cut resembles a pillow and has a vintage charm with excellent light dispersion.
    • Best For: Vintage-inspired and romantic jewelry designs.
  4. Emerald Cut
    • Description: A rectangular shape with step cuts and a large open table, highlighting the diamond’s clarity and creating a hall-of-mirrors effect.
    • Best For: Elegant, sophisticated rings and jewelry that emphasize clarity.
  5. Oval Cut
    • Description: An elongated shape with a brilliant-cut facet pattern, offering a unique twist on the classic round cut with a larger surface area.
    • Best For: Rings that create an illusion of elongated fingers and larger diamonds.
  6. Marquise Cut
    • Description: A football-shaped cut with pointed ends, maximizing carat weight and giving the appearance of a larger diamond.
    • Best For: Bold, statement rings and jewelry that elongate the finger.
  7. Pear Cut
    • Description: A teardrop shape combining the best of the oval and marquise cuts, known for its graceful, elongated silhouette.
    • Best For: Unique, elegant rings and pendants that stand out.
  8. Asscher Cut
    • Description: Similar to the emerald cut but square, with step facets and a high crown, creating a distinctive, elegant look.
    • Best For: Vintage and Art Deco-inspired jewelry.
  9. Radiant Cut
    • Description: A rectangular or square shape with a brilliant-cut facet pattern, combining the elegance of the emerald cut with the sparkle of the round cut.
    • Best For: Versatile, modern jewelry pieces that sparkle from every angle.
  10. Heart Cut
    • Description: A romantic, heart-shaped cut that symbolizes love, with a brilliant-cut facet pattern that enhances its sparkle.
    • Best For: Romantic jewelry, particularly engagement rings and pendants.

Choosing the Perfect Diamond

When selecting a diamond, consider the following factors to ensure you make the best choice:


Understanding the different types of diamonds and their cut styles can help you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect gem. Whether you prefer the classic round brilliant cut, the elegant emerald cut, or the unique pear cut, each diamond offers its own charm and beauty. By considering the four Cs—carat weight, color, clarity, and cut—you can find a diamond that meets your desires and budget.

Explore our collection and let us help you find the perfect diamond to create a piece of jewelry that will be cherished for a lifetime. Whether it’s for an engagement, anniversary, or simply a beautiful addition to your collection, the right diamond is out there waiting for you.

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